Cloth Making (Male & Female)

We Render Cloth Making Services That Defines Your Personality. We Design Outfits to Fit And Make You Stand Out in All Your Events.

Ready To Wear

WOW! Culture Has a Ready to Wear Line That Caters For Women and Men of Style And Class; Ranging From Gowns, Jackets, Suits, Skirts and Blouse etc…

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Signature Designs

Fashion is an eternally evolving outlet for expression. I have a profound interest in how clothing can portray a message about one’s self. I am particularly fascinated by the progression in the accessibility of garments since the fashion boom. Fashion speaks to me on a personal level. To me fashion is a form of art and self-expression. I love how fashion is inspired by art, music, history and culture. Accessories can make a simple outfit look different and unique; so many looks can be created alone with accessories…

-SUSAN FAWEHINMI, Creative Director, WOW “Wardrobe of Worth” Couture.

Redefine Your Style

Custom Made Designs

Tailored To Fix

                          Fashion School

We Offer Modern Techniques in Pattern Drafting, Cloth Construction, Fashion Illustration, Cloth Beading, Free Hand Cutting, Bag and Shoe Making etc…

Wedding Gown & Bridal Train

We Make Custom Made Wedding Gowns That Fits Every Bride’s Personality and Body Shape and Size. We also Make Bridal Train Gowns, Suits for Grooms men, Best Man And Most Definitely The Grooms’ Suit to Give Your Wedding That Unique Touch.


Elegant Designs

Fashion is a unique sense of style which everybody is born with, but few are able to express. We all recognize when we see something fashionable, but very few amongst us have that unique ability to produce something that is Fashionable or that which will catch others eyes.

Fashion Speaks

 I grew up hearing that clothes are a mere necessity, but I believe that Fashion is not just about “looking good”, it is about “looking great” and feeling good & confident about it. Nigeria  has varied cultures, ethnicity & topography which results in a wide verity of Fashions within its borders.

 WOW! Effect

We design clothes which are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing and consider who is likely to wear a garment and the situations in which it will be worn. We have a wide range and combination of materials to work with and a wide range of colors, patterns and styles to choose from.

Passion For The Arts

Fashion designing is one of the most exciting and demanding professions of today. The world of design has always fascinated me. Since my childhood I have enjoyed designing my dresses and helping my friends and family members to manage their outfits.

WOW! Online Store


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Get Access to a very complete, intensive, varied and exciting program that trains exceptional Fashion Designer. 

We apply  innovative teaching methods mixing traditional lectures, practical workshops, personal researches, experimentation and peer to peer presentations. We lead students to become creative and pragmatic,  analytical, imaginative and prepare them to the possibility of an successful  career. The one to one approach allows them to develop their own creative universe while being adaptable to different styles, types of brand and market segments at the same time.


 WOW! School of Fashion